DT Asphalt is a family owned asphalt and paving company out of Lyman, Maine. Started in 2007 by Dalton Gagnon, the company has grown from a small start up to one of the premier companies in the paving industry in southern Maine. Since it’s inception, Gagnon has taken great pride in providing quality asphalt materials and is always on the site to ensure a smooth and steady process throughout each job.

From driveway repair and sealcoating jobs, to new commercial or residential jobs, DT Asphalt can cover all of your needs.

DT Asphalt can help with any of the following…

-Driveway repair
-Driveway resurfacing
-Asphalt sealcoating
-Residential paving
-Planning, design, and maintenance solutions.

Explore our website to learn more about us, and call us at 207-636-0132 to discuss any of your needs.


Dalton Gagnon – Owner
63 Clarkswoods Rd.
Lyman, ME 04002

Phone Number: 207-636-0132

E-Mail: [email protected]